One of the most fundamental laws of business is:

“If you sell to Everyone, You Actually Sell to No One”

Anytime you assume that anyone and everyone can be a potential perfect customer, you will end up falling flat on your face.

That applies from the highest level business to the lowest – Not everyone is the ideal customer for you, just like not every perfect customer to you is interested in the same opt-in offer.

That is where segmenting comes in.

The more you can segment your target audience down to small and precise segments, the easier and cheaper it will be to target, attract and convert them on whatever you’re offering.

This law holds true across almost all industries and all businesses.

If Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse thought that anyone and everyone should be in their restaurants, ordering $75 steaks, they would be deluding themselves. If they then widely targeted anyone and everyone, they would waste a TON of marketing money on penny-pinchers, students, and people who don’t like steak.

Segmented Interest Funnels

One of the best ways to implement the idea of segmenting is into separate Segmented Interest Sales Funnels.

Lets use a concrete example of how something like this would work for a specific interest sales funnel on a survival website:

  • Blog Post – Cleaning and Butchering a Deer at Home – the Complete Setup(filed in the Hunting category)
  • Main Opt-In – Cheatsheet of the Most Invisible Patterns of Camouflage for Each Terrain – Never Scare Your Target Again! (free PDF)
  • Tripwire Product – Inside the Mind of a Deer – Be a Better by Knowing their Most Perceptive Senses($10 Physical or Digital book)
  • Core Product – Complete Survival Bootcamp – Survive Anything with Minimal Preparation ($99 Full Course)
  • On-Going Marketing – anything related to hunting

Blog Post

One specific reader of yours has been clicking through every blog post you have within your “Hunting” category. They are reading up on everything from duck hunting to deer hunting, and keep clicking through, post after post.


As they’re pouring over the different kinds of ducks available in Western Canada, they see a great opt-in ad titled “Cheatsheet of the Most Invisible Patterns of Camouflage for Each Terrain – Never Scare Your Target Again!”.

Hell yeah! That’s something they have to know right now, and is exactly centered in what they have been looking at for the last 30 minutes.

If there was just one standard opt-in across the entire site about starting a fire, you may have not even gotten this guy’s attention. But because he was already in hunting mode, and you offered him exactly what he was looking for in a simple, bundled package that is easy for him to say yes to, it was a no brainer!


Right after he opts in for the free checklist, you hit him with a great tripwire product titled “Inside the Mind of a Deer – Be a Better by Knowing their Most Perceptive Senses” for only $10. This is something they have been wanting to get better at, as they’ve not had great luck the past few years during hunting season.

Core Product

After you’ve fully engaged their hunting interest, it would be very easy to segway that client directly into your core product, by relating it back to hunting, and why it is still perfect for them:

While being able to hunt effectively is massively important to your survival skills, without a well-rounded survival education, you will still die. Do you know how to:

  • Field Dress a Wound to a Vital Artery?
  • Get Clean Water Where there is No Surface Water?
  • Make Your Home Nearly Invisible to Roaming Mobs in a SHTF Situation?

In order to protect yourself and your family in a without rule of law situation, you need to take our course – Complete Survival Bootcamp – Survive Anything with Minimal Preparation. We’ll walk you through every part….”

On-Going Marketing

After that, it’s super easy to engage them with anything new related to the whole field of hunting, because you know they already like it, and response / conversion rates will be much higher than a general interest list.

But that also doesn’t limit you to not approaching them with other offers related to the niche as a whole – it just gives you the ability to perfectly cater your marketing message to their core interests, beliefs and desires.

Case Study

Niche Pursuits Segmenting

This is something we did for the Niche Pursuits website.

Upon initial consultation, we knew one of the main goals of a new website was to increase opt-in rates, so Spencer could continue to marketing to his audience later with addition software, products and affiliate offers.

The problem was he only offered one opt-in, titled the “Long Tail Handbook”. While it was great content, it was a bit too generalized, and didn’t directly incentivize and grab anyone in particular.

So we made it a mission to segment out the opt-ins, so visitors could choose which part of digital business interested them the most. From there, we delivered an auto-responder sequence with great info, links to relevant posts and everything centered around that specific area (link building, blogging, work/life balance, etc.).

The results?

We saw an immediate 250% boost in opt-in rate across the board, that has stuck at that level for the past year. Apparently people liked the new change.

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