Investment in web properties / businesses has changed from a fairly ridiculous idea to a serious asset class within the last 5-10 years. Instead of pouring money into stocks or mutual funds, saavy investors have realized the value in investing in cash-producing online properties, that are capable of generating astronomically higher ROIs because of the nature of the business.

Why settle for 5% – 10% yearly return, when 50% – 100% is not only feasible, but common.

(P.S. – it’s completely legal by the way)

The Program

We’re looking to partner with experienced website investors looking for a hands-off way to significantly grow the revenue and value of their properties.

Basically, you put most of the money down, and we put in a small percentage so we have skin in the game. Everything stays proportional to percentages under the baseline numbers. Then we do the work growing the revenue, and we both split the growth above baseline.

You: The Passive Investor

  • Majority of Initial Cash Investment
  • Hands-Off Growth of Revenue
  • Equal Share of Added Revenue and Value

Us: The Active Growers

  • Minority of Initial Cash Investment (for skin in the game)
  • Actively Managed Growth of Asset
  • Equal Share of Added Revenue and Value

Sample Partnership



Initial Baseline



Hen. Design



  • Initial Site Investment Amount
  • Monthly Revenue Up to Baseline
  • Website Sale Amount Up to Baseline



Website Growth



Hen. Design



  • Monthly Revenue Above Baseline
  • Website Sale Price Above Baseline


Investment Calculator

Sample data shows standard agreement for a site earning $500, initially valued at $15,000 (30x multiple), and then resold at the same multiple after 18 months.

Feel free to adjust and play with any numbers you’d like to match your specific investment / website.



Hen. Design


Hen. Design


Number to multiple by monthly revenue to get total site valuation.



Profit per Month of Purchased Site


Estimated amount the site’s revenue can be increased by in the time frame. Average is 100% - 200%

Final Monthly Revenue

{{ finalMonthlyRevenue() | currency:"$":0 }} /m

{{initialMonthly | currency:"$":0}} - Base Revenue +
{{ growthMonthlyRevenue() | currency:"$":0}} - Growth Revenue

Total Revenue

{{totalRevenue() | currency:"$":0 }}

{{baseRevenue() | currency:"$":0}} - Base Revenue +
{{ growthRevenue() | currency:"$":0}} - Growth Revenue

Final Sale Price

{{ finalSale() | currency:"$":0 }}

{{ baseValue() | currency:"$":0}} - Base Value +
{{ growthValue() | currency:"$":0}} - Growth Value

Total Earnings

{{ finalEarnings() | currency:"$":0 }}

{{ baseEarnings() | currency:"$":0}} - Base Earnings +
{{ growthEarnings() | currency:"$":0}} - Growth Earnings

Investor Initial

{{initialInvestment() | currency:"$":0 }}

Final Earnings

{{ finalInvestorEarnings() | currency:"$":0 }}

Total ROI

{{investorROITotal() | percentage}}

Yearly Return

{{investorROIYearly() | percentage}}


To put it more simply, if you invest {{initialInvestment() | currency:"$":0}} into a website generating {{ initialMonthly | currency:"$":0 }} per month, and we can grow the site to {{ finalMonthlyRevenue() | currency:"$":0 }} per month within {{ timeFrame }} months, you will make a total of {{ finalInvestorEarnings() | currency:"$":0 }}, for a total return of {{ investorROITotal() | percentage }} ({{investorROIYearly() | percentage }} Yearly Return)

Apply Now

If you are a current website investor and are interested in this program, we’d love to be in touch.