Growth Potential Calculator


What Is It?

Our Growth Potential Calculator was designed to quantify the growth potential your business revenue has based on implementing / fixing fundamental parts of your marketing and sales funnel.

The calculator is broken down into the three major parts, to reflect the fundamental pieces of marketing in every business:

1) Attraction     2) Conversion     3)Maximization

The questions will address various parts of your marketing and sales funnel, and when answered honestly and candidly, will provide you a great map of what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

Growth Calculator Results


What You’ll Learn

After going through the 31 question calculator (which will take about 5-10 minutes), it will spit out a few things:

1) A Growth Potential Score

Although it’s not an exact science, but this will tell you if your business already has the marketing funnel fundamentals in place, or has some clear places where it can improve, which lead to dramatic results in the bottom line revenue.

2) Recommendations for Improvement in Each Section

Based on your answers, it will also provide a list of specific recommendations to make to your sales funnel, in order to immediately grow your revenue.

Intended Audience

This calculator was designed specifically for established business that have:


$10k+ per Month Revenue


High Traffic (50k visits) or High Client Value ($1k+ sale value)


Sells Something (Product or Service)

Results for businesses outside of those will not be accurate.

What’s the

One of our main goals is to help businesses that feel “stuck” with the current level they’re at.

We already had a rough calculation framework we used within the HD Growth Program to estimate the potential that an individual business had to grow, and wanted to make that available to the public so they would have an honest and candid tool to evaluate their business.

This would either tell them quickly whether their business’s marketing was:

  1. Already doing well in terms of sales and marketing
  2. Doing decently well, and would keep doing so
  3. Really in need of work, but had massive potential

From there, we want to start engaging in conversations with a few of those “project” businesses that really had potential, but felt “stuck” with where their business currently was, and couldn’t take it farther than they already had with raw skills and abilities.

HD Growth Program

The program was designed to partner with established businesses ($10k+ / m), to fix and re-engineer their sales and marketing systems to achieve massive revenue growth, and only share in a portion of the excess revenue above what the business was already making.

It’s no money down, no monthly fee, and we only make money if we can make you tons more money. If we can’t, it costs you nothing.

It’s also for that reason that we’ve had to greatly limit the program to only a small handful of exceptional businesses that fit very well (about 5% of applicants currently), and we enjoy working with.

If you think your business would fit well for this project, we encourage you to take the Growth Potential Calculator, and get the conversation started with us!